LittleKuriboh Fapping in the Background

Me and my buddy

LittleKuriboh opens a box.

Some highlights from ConnectiCon 2014

Mozzarella is auditioning for the role of R2D2 in the new Star Wars movies.

Reblog if you think she has a shot!


The Abridged Series panel is THURSDAY at 2:30 in LP1 Petree Hall!

Just a video reminder about our trip to AX! WATCH IT! DO IT!

I’ll be co-hosting the Abridged Series panel with the guys from 50% Off!

We’ll be showing a new Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, a new 50% Off, and a special new TeamFourStar video!

What more do you need to know? Come on by this Thursday at Anime Expo!

New YGOTAS t-shirts now available at our online store!

Have you ever wanted to do menial labor for Seto Kaiba for little to no pay? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to enter a tournament to proclaim yourself the children’s card game champion?

Well now instead of doing that you can wear a t-shirt that implies you probably did it! Maybe!

Pick up our new Kaiba Corp Uniform shirt here!

Pick up our new Duelist Kingdom Champion shirt here!

Both of these shirts were designed by the extraordinarily talented Enrique Bolatre (find his tumblr right here!)

(If these shirts prove popular enough, I might do another series of voice requests on tumblr for people who picked them up!)

We broke the record for number of toys placed on top of our cat Mozzarella!

Marik observes me writing Thiefshipping fanfiction and approves.

Find LittleKuriboh @ FANIME 2014

Fanime 2014 attendees!

Not only do I have a panel at 4pm today (Saturday 24th), I’ll be in the Dealers Hall all weekend doing signings and chatting with anyone who wants to say hey!

Come on by for some awesome YGOTAS merch or for a picture or if you just want me to sign something with “LittleKuriboh fapping in the background”

Find the Shark Robot booth on the map right here and you’ll find me, all day every day until Monday!

Our THANK YOU video to all those who supported the Save Our Spaghetti fundraiser.

This video includes footage of Spaghetti playing with Mozzarella we filmed a couple of days ago, so you can see how well he’s doing now.

Also we have made a channel dedicated to videos of our cats, so you can keep up to date on how they’re all getting along.

The Pasta Cats Channel