LittleKuriboh Fapping in the Background









You just collected enough star chips to enter my heart.

Are you a trap card? Because I want you in face down mode.

Is your name Obelisk? Because you’ve got me tormented.

I’ve got a mind CRUSH on you.

I forgot my own name. But I’ll still be able to make you cry it out.

Just call me your “other self”. I’ll be inside you all night long.

You can be my trap card. I’ll flip you on your back.

You can sit on the top of my deck for as many turns as you want.

They call me the king of games. Want to be my queen?

It’s time to du-du-du-du-du-du-do me.

Are we two pieces of Exodia? Because our love is unstoppable.

They call me king of games because I never lose. Want to play strip poker?

You’re so hot, I forgot my name.

You owe me a star chip because looking at you, I dropped mine.

When I transform my jacket becomes a cape. Want to see what happens to my pants?

Now just lie back, and believe in the heart of the cards.

I haven’t seen a girl as cute as you since Jaden Yuki.

Are you a Duel Disk Hologram? Because you’re dazzling.

Want to see my Giant Soldier of Stone?

Girl, let me see your beaver… warrior.

It took Yugi years to release me. But with you, it would only take one night.

Is it hot in here, or did you just activate Molten Destruction?

If you think this voice is deep, wait till you hear it in the bedroom.

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